This project, the creation of a fotographic DIARY, developed from the simple creative necessity from day to day, from the wish to catch this moment which defines the daily life, the emotion of the short-lived or the combination of sentiments which for a moment form a whole. The original idea was to limit myself to three ample themes, stillife, which I prefer to call the life inherent in an object, portraits and landscapes, but very soon they started to mix up with each other and changed to „portraits of objects“, subjects portrait, moods, comments to private or public ocurrences, e.g.The streets of Berlin, where I live, of Barcelona where I come from, of other cities and places, which I passed through, gave me the rest. From those three themes I had to choose the one characteristic photo of the day, yet the power of life can not be narrowed to this extreme, since the aspects of the day, the quantity of things we do, think, feel, are so multifarious, while the sun – if there is one – shines on us, that I had to give up my restricted concept in the face of such diversity. Therefore some of the photos of the day have others which comment on them, contradict them, define or negate them. In this form they are developing into my „Journey around the World in 366 Photos“ and now I might add „...and some more“ until in the end, as I hope, they will aquire the form of a book.